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Aditya Hridaya Stotram

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Author : Compiled
Language : Malayalam
Sri Aditya Hrudayam is sung in praise of Sri Surya. These hymns are available in Srimad Ramayana in 107 chapter. It was given as a upadesha to Sri Rama by Sage Agastaya just before the commencement of Rama Ravana Yudha. Sri Rama by chanting the sloka was able to win over Ravana. Worshipping Sri Surya with this stotram has multiple benefits. Worshipping Sri Surya one gets health and wellness and the malefic effects in horoscope gets warded off.This book also has among many rare slokas like surya namaskaram, ekasloka navagraha stotram, sakshopanishad etc. Comes in an handy size with bold print in Malayalam fonts.
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Author Compiled
ISBN 9788179505274
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Language Malayalam
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