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Bell Divine Pooja PowderBox 50Gms

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In South India, people frequently use the herb-based Abhisheka Powder (also known as Thiraviya Vasanai Powder), which they offer to Lord Shiva during Pradhosa Days in exchange for Abhishek or Abhisekham. Abhisheka, Thirumanjanam, and Snaanandharam Powder are other names for it. Also known as Thiraviya Vasanai powder.
Benefits and Features:
● Bell Divine Pooja Powder has a lingering aromatic scent of sandalwood and holy herbs and comes in ann airtight box.
● The aroma creates a calming and peaceful atmosphere.
● The sandalwood powder mixed with holy water can be offered to Idols and deities like Lord Ganesha, Muruga, Parvathi, Meenakshi, Narashimar, Vishnu, Mahalakshmi, Garuda, Chakrathazhwar, and Navagragha. during rituals conducted to purify the idols with mantras.
● Performing Abhisheka with Pooja Powder makes one obtain the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi.
● It can also be used on the skin, which acts as a cooling agent and provides instant freshness.
● Contains the goodness of multiple natural ingredients, pleasantly scented.
● Also doubles as a cleansing powder for idols, brass and metal pooja items.
● For Abhishekam or Thirumanjanam preparation, combine the entire abhisheka powder or thiraviya vasanai powder with additional quantities of water.
● To be stored in a dry place to prevent clumping.
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