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6 inch cutout Sri MahaPeriyava


A beautiful 6 inch cutout of Sri MahaPeriyava, with a plastic stand attached. 

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Sri Meenakshi Devi is a Hindu Goddess who is an incarnation of Goddess Parvati and wife of Sri Sundareswara, a form of Lord Shiva. The words “Meena” and “Akshi” mean “fish” and “eyes” respectively in Sanskrit. Thus, Meenakshi is said to be the fish-eyed Goddess who provides protection against any problems. Meenakshi Amman provides energy to her worshippers to succeed in their endeavours. Meenakshi Amman is a form of Lalita Tripurasundari and is worshipped as the mother of all. She is the shakti, or energy, behind every action and event in the universe - from the tiniest vibrations of atoms to the massive collisions of Galaxies. This cutout has intricate detail and vibrant colours as well as deep spiritual significance. Whether you're looking to enhance your pooja space, or looking to admire the spectacular artwork, this product is ideal for you. Buy now from Giri UK.

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Width (Inches) 5
Height (Inches) 6
Depth (Inches) 1
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