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GP Shank Chakra and Namam Stand (0.100 Kgs)

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Being auspicious symbols of the great Lord Vishnu, the triad of Shank-Chakra-Namam can be observed near places that denote Vishnu, like temples and puja rooms. The Shank is the conch, believed to emit a holy sound and vibrations associated with 'om' when blown. The Chakra, as known from the Bhagavat Gita, refers to the Sudarshana chakra owned by Lord Vishnu. The Namam is the symbol used by believers of Vishnu - Vaishnavaites as a mark of identification. The triple stripes of the namam signify the trio of creators - Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. The symbol is termed as such because it depicts the 'holy name of god'. Here, you can find that the GP Shank Chakra and Namam Stand can be used as a decorative piece that decorates the puja room, being the perfect accomplice for an image or idol of Narayana.
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