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Kubera Lakshmi Puja Coins Box -108 Pcs

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Kubera Lakshmi Pooja Coin is a type of coin that is used in Hindu religious ceremonies, specifically in the worship of Kubera and Lakshmi, who are considered to be the gods of wealth and prosperity in Hinduism.
Features and Benefits:
● The coin is used as an offering to these deities during special occasions such as Diwali, Dhanteras, and other important festivals.
● In Hindu mythology, Kubera is known as the god of wealth and is said to be the treasurer of the gods. Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth, prosperity, and fortune.
● Together, they are worshipped to seek blessings for material and spiritual wealth, success, and abundance.
● The coin is usually gold-plated and imprinted with the images of Kubera and Lakshmi on one side and a sacred symbol or mantra on the other.
● The Kubera Lakshmi Pooja coin is believed to bring good fortune and abundance to those who offer it with devotion and faith.
● It is often given as a gift to family members and friends during special occasions, such as weddings or housewarming ceremonies, to bless them with prosperity and success.
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Weight(KG) 0.200000
Width (Inches) 3.5
Height (Inches) 1
Depth (Inches) 1.9
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