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Srichurnam Mango Orange 5 Sticks

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Meenakshi Mango Orange Srichurnam consists of turmeric, rice, and other aromatic ingredients. It can be used to draw the naamam on the body by Vaishnavites, which represents the place where Sriman Narayana is said to reside. Thiruman on the face is drawn as two vertical white lines on the forehead. The Srichurnam is the colored line in the middle of the two vertical white lines. The white lines represent Sri Vishnu, and the colored line represents Sri Lakshmi. Together, the three lines are also called Naamam. Buy these Namakatti 5 sticks online on our website.
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Weight(KG) 0.063000
Width (Inches) 2.5
Height (Inches) 2.5
Depth (Inches) 0.5
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