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Soolam - 12 inches

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Soolam, a divine symbol in Hinduism The Hindu god Shiva wields the soolam as a weapon. The three points have various meanings and implications. They are commonly said to represent various trinities-creation, maintenance, and destruction; past, present, and future; the three gunas.
Features and Benefits:
● Soolam, or Trisulam, is considered the weapon of Lord Shiva and Amman.
● In many Amman temples, soolam is placed in front of the deity.
● Trishul (Soolam) worship purifies us spiritually and mentally by destroying our vices and evil qualities.
● It removes the negative energy from the person and helps them get connected to the Almighty.
● It removes the ahankaar (ego) barrier from the person' s mind and leads them to the Almighty.
● This Soolam (Trishul/Thirisoolam) is made of high-quality brass with a sturdy and solid finish. a
● Compact in size with a built-in strong stand
● The brass soolam is often given as a gift to loved ones during auspicious occasions such as weddings and festivals. It is believed that gifting a soolam brings good fortune and blessings to your loved ones.
● It is believed that the soolam can protect the worshipper from physical and spiritual harm.
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Weight(KG) 0.400000
Width (Inches) 2
Height (Inches) 12
Depth (Inches) 1
GNST 887209170266
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