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Vastu Deep/Lamp Brass No:1

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Vastu Deepam is a traditional Indian lamp used in Vastu Shastra. Within the lamp, numerous wicks or thiris can be held seperately. The lamp looks like several diyas have lit up at once. Positivity and wealth are drawn into the home when an oil lamp is lit.
● It is placed in the northeast corner of a room or building, which is considered to be the direction of prosperity and enlightenment in Vastu Shastra. The lamp is lit during special occasions, such as festivals, weddings, and other auspicious events.
● Manufactured by professional artisans, unlike light-weight fancy lamps, these lamps are heavily crafted with brass to withstand heat and hence is suitable for daily use.
● The oil used in the lamp, such as sesame or coconut oil, is considered to have purifying properties that help to cleanse the air and promote good health. The light from the lamp is also believed to dispel negative energy and bring positive vibrations to the surroundings.
● Can be used in the puja room for daily puja.
● Creates a lovely piece of interior decor.
● Makes a wonderful and considerate gift.
● Made of Brass, it is easy to clean and maintain.
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Weight(KG) 0.450000
Width (Inches) 3.2
Height (Inches) 5
Depth (Inches) 3.2
GNST 887209170099
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