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Kalki's Ponniyin Selvan Characters Set with a beautiful laminated Fort Backdrop as part of the set. Thus, when you assemble this marvellous Bommai set at your home, you can recreate this epic story.

Aditya Karikalan

Sundara Chozhar's Eldest son, crown prince and the commander of Northern troops during Sundara Chozhar's reign. Extremely valorous warrior, fought wars at the tender age of 12; also known for his ferociousness; meets with early and untimely death at the hands of the treacherous Pandya plotters supported by Nandini.


Sundara Chozhar's youngest son; Princess Kundavai's very affectionate brother; Later becomes most famous as Raja Raja Chozhan; Travels to Sri Lanka at the age of 19 for battle; Attains the title "Ponniyin Selvan" ("Son of Kaveri") as having been saved by the sacred Kaveri river.

Azhwarkadiyan Nambi

A Veera Vaishnavite; Loyal and most trusted spy of Aniruddha Brahmarayar, Prime Minister of the Chozha Kingdom during Emperor Sundara Chozhar's period; also, a close friend of Vandiyathevan and saves him from many dangers.

Chinna Peruvettaraiyar

The chief in-charge of Thanjavur fort. Periya Pazhuvettaraiyar's younger brother; extremely loyal to the Chozha kingdom.

Kundhavai Devi

 The Chozha princess; Sundara Chozhar's daughter, younger to crown prince Aditya Karikalan and, elder to Ponniyin Selvan; Loves Vandiyathevan and later marries him. Respected for her intelligence and thoughtful demeanor.


Marries Periya Pazhuvettaraiyar and assumes the title and position as Pazhuvoor Queen; Birth and origin questionable in the beginning; Foster sister of Azhwarkadiyan Nambi; Nandini and Prince Aditya Karikalan develop a liking for each other early in their lives; but Nandini profoundly hated Aditya Karikalan after he mercilessly beheaded the injured Veerapandiyan whom Nandini was believed to have a strong bond; joins Pandya conspirators and is considered as the prime accused of Prince Aditya Karikalan's brutal killing.

Periaya Peruvettaraiyar

The chancellor and treasurer of the Chozha kingdom; respected for his valor, well known for having fought 24 wars and had 64 battle scars on his body.

Sundara Chozhar

The emperor of Chozha / Chola empire. Well known for his physical beauty that gave him his name 'Sundara'; Later became paralysed with rapidly deteriorating health is moved from Pazhayarai to Thanjavur for better safety. After the sad and untimely death of his eldest son Aditya Karikalan, spends his last years in the golden palace built by Aditya Karikalan.


Kodumbalur princess. Princess Kundavai Devi's close friend and associate; loves Ponniyin Selvan and later marries him; Well known for her modesty.


 Brave and adventurous warrior; Prince of the Vaanar clan, bodyguard and close friend of the crown prince Aditya Karikalan who sends him as a messenger to Sundara Chozhar at Thanjavur to invite Him to the prince's newly built golden palace at Kanchi; Princess Kundavai's lover and, later marries her. Later becomes the Commander for Southern Troops under the reign of Paraanthaka Utthama Chozhar.