Deepam Oil

Deepam oil, pure ghee, nallennai/ gingelly oil hold great significance in Hindu puja rituals. Deepam oil is used to light the sacred lamp, symbolizing the presence of the divine. Pure ghee is offered as an oblation in fire during homas and yagnas, signifying purity and spiritual enlightenment. It is also used to light the lamp on Fridays invoking Mahalakshmi. Nallennai is used for anointing deities and devotees, representing nourishment and protection. Gingelly oil is used in the preparation of prasadam, adding a distinct flavor and auspiciousness to the offering. Gingelly oil is also used to light lamps on all other days than Friday.These oils play an integral role in invoking divine blessings and creating a sacred atmosphere during pujas. Buy different deepam oils from Giri UK 

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Deepam Oil

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