Panchaloha Idols

Panchaloha idols have the highest spiritual and metaphysical significance. Crafted from the fusion of an alloy of five metals in exact proportions (gold, silver, copper, zinc, and iron) - they embody the harmonious union of the five elements that they represent. Panchaloha idols are worshipped in Hindu homes as living deities after a spiritual procedure called,"Prana Pratishta." Following every day of worship of these idols, increases the grace and energy emanating from them, bestowing prosperity, protection, and spiritual enlightenment upon their worshippers. Panchaloha idols continue to be cherished for their sacred essence and aesthetic appeal in homes and sacred spaces. At Giri UK, we pride our vast collection of Panchaloha Idols, so buy the best you can get, with confidence - from Giri UK

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