Puja Vessels

Copper, brass, and silver vessels play a vital role in the life of a Hindu. These metal vessels are believed to enhance the spiritual energy and sanctity of the rituals and have a scientific purpose. Copper vessels are known for their antimicrobial and oxidation properties and are commonly used for storing water and offering it to deities or for drinking. Brass vessels are revered for their durability and are used for various offerings and rituals. Silver vessels improve the auspiciousness of the ritual being performed. So whether it is a silver vessel storing water or one that holds prasadam, they are most potent in terms of maximising spiritual benefits and blessings.All these vessels (if holding water), also have the property to store the energy of the mantras that are chanted during the ritual to either be used for consumption or to be mixed during bath. Buy your Silver, Copper and Brass vessels from Giri UK

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