Sphatik, also known as crystal, is a translucent gemstone known for its purity and mystical properties. In the Mahabharat, King Yudhishtir could memorise the Vishnu Sahasranama that was chanted by Bhishma Pitamaha, as an impromptu rendition.  The secret was that he wore a Sphatika mala. Crystal idols, beads and statues, commonly referred to as  "sphatik shila" or "sphatik shivling," and "sphatik  mala", hold immense significance in the Hindu spiritual practices. Crafted with precision, these crystal statues embody divine energy and radiate a captivating aura with ten times the memory of a super computer. The pristine clarity of the crystal enhances its ethereal beauty, making it a symbol of purity and enlightenment. Crystal idols and statues serve as conduits for spiritual connection, invoking a sense of serenity and spiritual awakening in the presence of these divine, natural creations. Buy your sphatika mala or shivling for your self and home from Giri UK.

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