Puja Upachara Items

Upachara puja items are the various offerings and rituals performed during Hindu worship ceremonies. These items are used to show reverence, devotion, and gratitude to the deities. Common upachara puja items include flowers, incense sticks, lamps (diyas), akshata or scared yellow rice (blended with turmeric) fruits, sweets, water, camphor, betel leaves, betel nuts, sandalwood paste, sacred thread (Raksha), sacred water (tirtha), and sacred ash (vibhuti). Each item symbolizes a specific aspect of devotion and is offered to the deities with love and reverence. Upachara puja items are an integral part of Hindu rituals, enhancing the spiritual connection between the devotee and the divine. They can be in the form of 5 upacharas, 16 or 64 upacharas. Buy your upachara puja items from Giri UK

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Puja Upachara Items

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  1. Giri Mantra Box