Swami Vastram, also known as God wear, holds great significance in Hindu religious rituals and festivals. These special miniature garments are specifically designed for the deities, crafted with precision and devotion. Swami vastram is tailored to the idol size and then adorned with flower garlands to bring out the divinity and grandeur of the Gods. These garments are carefully draped on the idols during puja ceremonies and festive occasions, symbolising the offering of clothing to the divine " Vastran Dharayami", meaning "I offer thy holy clothes". Swami vastram is a procedural requisite in shodasha puja and in the absence of a any vastram, is replaced with yellow turmeric raw rice. Build your collection of fresh Swami/God Vastrams to change over evertime you have a Ganapathy, Shiva, Vishnu or any other Devata Pujai at home, from GiriUK

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