Rosaries, Mala Beads

Rosaries, also known as rosary beads or mala beads. They hold deep significance in spiritual practices of 'Japa' or repetitive prayer, meditation, and chanting to keep a count. Rosaries typically consist of a string of beads, often made from materials like wood, rudraksha, gemstones, or tulsi (holy basil). Each bead represents a prayer or mantra, and the process of moving through the beads helps in maintaining the count for mantra siddhi (or atainment of the power of the mantra). It also helps seekers build focus and build a sense of tranquility. Rosaries are cherished spiritual tools that aid in deepening one's connection with the divine and fostering inner tranquility. Buy Temple Deity screens from Giri UK

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Rosaries, Mala Beads

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