Temple Curtain

Temple deity screens, also known as temple curtains or garbha griha screens, are an essential part of temple decor. These screens serve multiple purposes in Hindu temples. Firstly, they act as a physical barrier between the deity and the devotees, symbolising the sacredness and exclusivity of the deity's presence. Secondly, they help the head priest/s to perform the necessary upacharams - a set of procedures to perform the pooja vidhi or steps (either 5 or 16 or 64). This vidhi is blended with vedamantrams and tantrams, archana, and neivedhyam in utmost privacy, before opening them up to the devotees for Aarti. Overall, the temple deity screens play a significant role in creating a sacred atmosphere and enhancing the spiritual experience for worshippers. Buy Temple Deity screens from Giri UK

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Temple Curtain

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