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2 Pul Pavithiram (10 Sticks)


This set of 10 Pavithiram is made of Darbai or Kusha grass which finds an important place in any ritual of Sanatana Dharma. Darbai is an excellent conductor and preserver of positive energies. Any Sanatana Dharma ritual includes Darbai or Kusha grass in a significant way.

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A Darbhai Pavitram is worn on the ring finger of the right hand, in a circular formation, prior to starting any religious rite like homa, dana, yaga-yagna – in fact any deva or pitru karma, by the yajaman or the doer of such ritual. Positive energies travel through and are preserved very well in Darbai or Kusha Grass.

Almost all rituals in Sanatana Dharma includes Darbai or Kusha grass in a significant way. Darbai helps to protect from toxic radiation and negative energies of all types.

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