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3 Inch brass-finish Bhajan Taal


A 3-inch brass finish Bhajan Taal musical instrument ideal for accompanying classical dance and traditional ancient temple chants. Made from brass, bronze, copper and bell metal.

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Experience devotional music and classical dance with the traditional Bhajan Taal by GiriUK, a 3-inch ancient instrument that echoes the spiritual essence of ancient temples. Crafted meticulously from a harmonious blend of bell metal, brass, bronze, copper, and zinc, this musical instrument captures the soul of traditional religious events. With its roots intertwined in the heritage of kirtans and bhajans, the Bhajan Taal lends an ideal accompaniment to your devotional practices. The resonating sound that emanates from its well crafted surface elevates your musical expressions during temple ceremonies and spiritual gatherings. Whether you're a seasoned musician, a devoted participant in religious events, or a classical dance enthusiast, this taal is fit for all. Let the timeless charm and sacred craftsmanship of the Bhajan Taal inspire your spiritual journey and musical endeavors, as you create harmonious rhythms that bridge the gap between ancient traditions and modern expressions.
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