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Akhanda Deep Lamp Oil 500 ml

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In most homes, an oil wick lamp is lit in the puja room twice a day. It removes negativity in the house and ushers in health, wealth, and prosperity.

According to our ancient texts, the type of oil we use to light the Diya plays a significant role in creating different vibrations.

1) Coconut oil - brings peace of mind and allows the mind to concentrate
2) Sesame oil - removes negativity and any elements of evil in the atmosphere
3) Castor oil - improves and retains good relationship between people
4) Illupai or Mohua oil - ushers in prosperity and wealth
5) Ghee - purifies the air and removes illness and disease


The oil in this bottle is a mixture of all the above five. It is our in-house product and, high-quality ingredients are used in its preparation. Traditional and stringent processing methods go into the making of this product. By lighting the Diya with this, the wick burns for a long time. We get the benefit of all the oils and attract good fortune and positivity.


* Can be used for daily puja in the puja room
* Can be gifted to temples or for other rituals
* Does not leave any soot behind
* The dimensions are mentioned in the additional information section

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