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Arasu Samith


Dried wooden sticks used for homams, weddings, and traditional hindu festivals such as avani avittam. Known as Arasu Samith or Samithu. Buy now from GiriUK.

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Bringing to you the "Samithu Arasu" dried wooden sticks from GiriUK, a revered addition to traditional Hindu rituals. Crafted from the sacred peepal tree, also known as the arasu tree, or the sacred fig, these natural wooden sticks hold immense significance in Indian culture. Specifically designed for the Avani Avittam and homam ceremonies, they serve as essential tools for religious offerings and prayers. The use of peepal wood, regarded as very auspicious, adds a nice touch to the rituals. The Samithu Arasu sticks carry a deep cultural resonance, embodying the connection between nature and devotion. As an integral part of Hindu practices, these sticks help maintain the authenticity and sanctity of the rituals, making them an indispensable accessory for those seeking to engage in traditional ceremonies.
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