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Blade of Darbhai Grass (Nuni Darbhai)


1 bundle for both festive and solemn rituals (like upakarma or amavasya tarpanam)

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Darbhai is a tropical grass, considered sacred, and is said to purify the offerings during festive occasions while it forms the key instrument for performing and solemn rituals. It is  an excellent conductor of positive energies and helps protect us from toxic radiation and negative energies of all types.

Darbhai is a key item required for amavasya tarpanam - a solemn ritual invoking the departed through vedic chants to appease them with water and black sesame seeds as it quenches their thirst. The departed come from a different world called "pitru lokam" on every new moon day. Relating to the departed is a ritual called "pitru tarpanam" to be performed on that day. It needs two different types of knotted blades called pavitram - to be worn on the ring finger and koorcham to offer as seating on a plate to the invoked ancestors. The darbhai is needed in plenty for this ritual.   

Dried blades of grass or darbhai can also be used in foods to protect them during eclipses. 

Buy this bunch of Nuni Darbhai (dried grass) for all occasions from Giri UK.

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