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Copper Muruga/Skanda Yantra


Also called Subramanya Yantra, this is a 2 dimensional geometric design invoking the powerful blessings of Sri Murugan for courage, strength and overcoming challenges

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The The Skanda/Subramanya Yantra is a sacred geometric design representing the divine energy of Lord Skanda, also known as Kartikeya or Muruga, the Hindu god of war and victory. Yantras are mystical diagrams that serve as meditation tools in Hindu and Tantric traditions. The Muruga Yantra typically features specific geometric shapes and symbols arranged in a precise pattern to invoke the blessings and energies associated with Lord Skanda. Devotees may use this yantra in worship, meditation, or as a means to connect with the spiritual qualities and attributes of Lord Skanda. The yantra is believed to bring courage, strength, and victory over challenges to those who meditate upon it with devotion.

Buy Copper Muruga/Skanda Yantra 4" x 4" from GiriUK

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