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Copper Sri Yantra with Lakshmi Gayatri 6" x 6"


This is a 2 dimensional geometric design invoking the powerful blessings of Sri Lakshmi / Sri Lalitha for material and spiritual prosperity and progress 

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The Sri Yantra is the most sacred geometrical design considered as the Chakra of Chakras. This yantra is revered in Hinduism for its progressive energies to higher realms. Usually worshipped by Sri Vidya Upasakas, the Yantra itself represents Sri Lalitha, the Supreme Deity who holds the key to the mantra, tantra and yantra in the form of Ardhanarishwara (part Masculine/part Feminine) . Hence she is also known as "Shiva-Shakti-Aikya-Roopini". While known as Mahalakshmi for the material world with the Lakshmi Gayatri inscribed, Sri Lalita is also revered as the Sookshma Devi called "Para Shakti" - The formless, nirguna force of that Parabrahman

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