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CR Giri Havan Kund With Stand 6.25 x 6.25 -385gms

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A copper havan kund is the main and most important part of the havan/homam ritual. It is used as the sacred vessel/structure that holds the holy fire that is used in the ritual that wards off negative energy and invokes purity, harmony and communion with spirits. The depth and shape helps generate required energy to conduct the ritual. It has copper handles on both sides that helps to carry and move it around easily, and is flat at the bottom to place it easily on a surface. The sacred fire is generated with the help of pieces of wood, ghee and other products and acts as a connection between the human and spiritual conscience. Available in varying sizes. Contains stand to store it easily.
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Weight(KG) 0.500000
Width (Inches) 6.25
Height (Inches) 4.6
Depth (Inches) 6.25
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