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Navagraha Navadhanyam (900g)


A selection of grains, to be offered to the Navagraha Devatas during homa (havan) or other poojas. 900g

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Introducing the Navagraha Homa Set. This set consists of a variety of grains that are special to the 9 planets or celestial bodies. This pack contains 100g of each grain:
- Wheat, for Surya Graha
- Paddy, for Chandra Graha
- Red Gram, for Angaraka (Mangala) Graha
- Green Gram, for Budha Graha
- Chickpeas for, Guru (Brihaspati) Graha
- White Beans, for Shukra Graha
- Black Sesame Seeds, for Shani Graha
- Black Gram, for Rahu Graha
- Horse Gram, for Ketu Graha
Homa, or Havan, is an ancient ritual dedicated to the fire god, Agni Deva. A fire is started in a Homa Kundam, or Havan Kund, using items such as dried cow dung and Karpooram (Camphor). Along with sacred Vedic mantras, ghee, samith, and in this specific case, the twigs, grasses, and grains that are auspicious to the Navagrahas. It is believed that pleasing the Navagrahas brings prosperity, well-being, and peace into your life. Buy the Navagraha Homa Set from Giri UK.

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