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GiriUK Homam Set


A collection of 32 homam natural and sustainable ingredients that are suitable for any auspicious occasion

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A homam, also spelled "havan" or "yajna," is a traditional Hindu religious ritual involving the offering of various natural ingredients into a consecrated fire while reciting specific mantras. The choice of these ingredients is very considerate, given that they are usually natural (sustainable). Homams are performed to establish a spiritual connection with the deities and seek their blessings, guidance, and protection. The fire that emanates from the homam symbolises purity and serves as a purifying agent, both for the offerings and the participants, cleansing negative energies. Homams are a means to express devotion to specific deities or cosmic forces, such as Agni (the fire god), who is considered a messenger between humans and the divine. They are often conducted to fulfill specific desires.

Buy Homam Set of 32 ingredients from GiriUK.

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