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Kalasha Dravyam Powder 50 Gms


To mix with water before the start of any Kalasha Pooja

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Kalasha Dravya refers to natural sacred herbs that are used in Hindu rituals and ceremonies. A pinch of this dravyam is mixed with holy waters and poured in the kalasha before any auspicious ritual. This assortment typically includes water from holy rivers, herbs and a gold ornament - usually a ring. The kalasha itself symbolizes abundance and auspiciousness. The components inside represent the five elements, as inside the human body symbolic of purifying the self. During pujas and yagnas, the Kalasha Dravya plays a crucial role in energizing the environment and connecting the worshipper with spiritual energies. It holds cultural and religious significance, signifying the divine presence and fostering a sense of unity with the cosmic forces, enhancing the sanctity of rituals.

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