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Kandar Anubhooti - Tamil


Composed by the poet-saint Arunagirinathar, this book has a collection 51 hymns are dedicated to Lord Muruga, to remove 'Maya'.

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Kandar Anubhooti is a work of Tamil Hindu literature composed by the poet-saint Arunagirinathar. The collection of songs are dated to around 1500 CE. The book has 51 hymns dedicated to the Hindu deity Muruga, the central theme around these hymns is about mortals asking Sri Kartikeya to grant wisdom in order to overcome Maya, the 'illusory nature of the world'. Translated as "The perception of Skanda", the Kandar Anubhuti describes the themes of the detachment from the world, a spiritual experience of the deity Muruga and observation of the deity both with (Saguna Brahman) and without form (Nirguna Brahman)

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