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Karaikudi Kuthuvilakku-1


A handmade, brass metal hindu lamp called as Karaikudi Kuthuvillaku. It has five protruding spikes on which the wicks can be placed, which represent the five heads of Lord Shiva.

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Illuminate your sacred space with the Karaikudi Kuthuvilakku, a wonderfully handcrafted Hindu lamp. Crafted from high-quality brass and copper alloy, this lamp showcases intricate detailing, including the revered Annam and Annapakshi motifs, symbolising purity and spirituality. The Bhadradeepam design, reminiscent of Lord Shiva's five divine heads, further enhances its religious aura. The swan-shaped base holds multiple wicks, providing a radiant glow that adds a sense of devotion to your surroundings.

With its cultural essence and artisanal craftsmanship deeply rooted in Karaikudi's heritage, this lamp not only serves as a source of light but also holds profound spiritual meaning. Illuminate your worship rituals and invoke a sense of reverence with this authentic Karaikudi Kuthuvilakku, a timeless piece that connects you to Hindu traditions.

The stem of this vilakku is 8cm, base diameter is 10cm and the oil holding cavity measures 8cm across.

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Weight(KG) 0.800000
Height (Inches) 21cm
Depth (Inches) 10cm
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