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Lamp Oil - Akhanda Deep-Fragrant


1 litre for everyday use. This fragrant oil removes negativity in your home and brings health, wealth, and prosperity. Mix of Coconut Oil, Sesame, Castor oil, Mohua oil, and ghee for soot-free, slow burning

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Lamp Oil - Akhanda Deep is a fragrant, 1 litre bottle from GiriUK - for daily use. In most homes, an oil wick lamp is lit in the puja room twice a day. It removes negativity in the house and ushers in health, wealth, and prosperity. The type of oil we use to light the Diya plays an important role in creating different vibrations: 1) Coconut oil - brings peace of mind and allows the mind to concentrate. 2) Sesame oil - removes negativity and any elements of evil in the atmosphere. 3) Castor oil - improves and retains good relationships between people. 4) Illupai or Mohua oil - ushers in prosperity and wealth. 5) Ghee - purifies the air and removes illness and disease. The oil in this bottle is a mixture of all the above five. It is our in-house product and, high-quality ingredients are used in its preparation. Traditional and stringent processing methods go into the making of this product. By lighting the Diya with this, the wick burns for a long time and also does not leave any soot behind. We get the benefit of all the oils and attract good fortune and positivity. Buy the Akhanda Deep Lamp Oil, fragrant, 1 litre from GiriUK
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