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Navagraha Vastram (9pcs) - Cotton - 1m


A set of 9 cotton vastras (cloths), designed to dress the 9 navagraha idols. Each cloth is 1 metre.

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During Navagraha pujas or homam for the 9 planets, various items are offered to appease and seek the blessings of these planets. They are all influenced to influence human life . One common offering is the Navagraha cotton vastram in different colours. Each colour symbolises a particular planet. The planets and their colours of cloth(Vastram) are:

Sun (Surya) - Red
Moon (Chandra) - White
Mars (Mangal) - Red
Mercury (Budha) - Green
Jupiter (Brihaspati) - Yellow
Venus (Shukra) - White
Saturn (Shani) - Black
Rahu - Blue or Black
Ketu - Grey

The color coordination is essential because it is symbolic of the connection between the cloth and the respective celestial body's energy. The Navagraha cotton vastram is placed in front of the Navagraha idols on their feet during the puja. After the ritual, it may be distributed among family members to keep them as blessing.

Buy a 1 metre cotton cloth set, as navagraha pooja for all 9 planets

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