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Panchagavyam - 50ml


A 50ml bottle of Panchagavya - a blend of sacred cow products, including cow urine (gomutra), cow dung (gomaya), milk, ghee, and curd.

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Panchgavya literally translates as 5 (Pancha) Cow (Go) Avya (belonging to). It refers to the five essential cow products - Gomutra (Cow Urine), Gomaya (Cow Dung), Milk, Ghee, and Curd. While cows are worshipped and considered auspicious by most Indians, their excreta also holds almost miraculous fertilisation properties. Panchagavya, or just Cow Dung and Cow Urine, are used throughout the world as fertilisers, wonderfully nurturing all kinds of grass, flowers, and crops. On top of this, Panchagavya is believed to have powerful immunity-boosting properties. Buy this 50ml bottle of Panchagavya from Giri UK.

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