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Plava Varusham 21-22 - Tarpana Mathirangal

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This book has the details as below:
1. Mantras for Tarpana which is performed on Amavasya, Starting of a Month, at the time of grahan, Mahalayam etc., with detailed instruction as to how it has to be done and what are the procedures to be followed for doing it.
2. Sankalpam is given separately for both Vaishnava sampradaya and Smartha Sampradaya.
3. Starting with Chitthirai Month the mantras are given separately with the details of Year/Varsha, period(Uttarayana or Dakshinayana), Season/Ritau, Paksha(Shukla/Krishna), tithi, nakshatra, time
4. Also, when and for which occasion father name or mother name, Gothra has to be said along with the mantra and how it has to be said.
5. Followed by this, mantras to be told for those with Only Father Alive, Only Mother Alive, to be told for ancestors on both paternal and maternal sides.
6. Mantras which are specifically applicable for vaishnavas, smartha at certain places are also mentioned.
7. Follwed by this Brahma Yagna mantra are given ending with Deva tarpanam, Rishi tarpanam, pitru tarpanam
8. The special feature of this book is 3rd point and it can be torn off from the book as it is given as tearoff sheet in the book.
Added to the above the book also has Subhamuhurtha dates, vastu dates, Festival dates with other important dates for the year and Guruperaychi dates.

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