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Red Thazhampu Kumkum - 50 Gms


For daily use by married Hindu women to protect pineal gland and for kumkum-archanai during daily puja for any /all Hindu Deities mainly Devi

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Red Thazhampoo Kumkumam holds religious significance for Hindu Brahmins, mainly from South India, Tamil Nadu and around the world. This finds its importance during various rituals and ceremonies. 

Thazhampoo, also known as Thazhampu or Screw Pine, is a fragrant flower found in South India. It has a sweet, aromatic scent. 
Kumkum is made by mixing dried turmeric with slaked lime. The unspoken reason is because it protects the pineal gland which in turn guards the astral sphere of the woman and instills the divine grace of Adi Shakti. It is also used by married Hindu women to apply a red dot or bindi on their foreheads (between the two eyebrows), as a symbol of their marital status. Kumkum is also used in religious rituals to apply tilakam or marks on deities and devotees. Finally in the absence of any flower for worshipping deities especially any forms of devi, thazhampu kumkum is best as a kumkum-archanai

Red Thazhampoo Kumkumam is a mixture or composition of red kumkum (sindoor) combined with the fragrance of thazhampu. 

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