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Sambrani Premium 50 Gms

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Lighting Sambrani is an ancient practise followed for many years in India. When burned, the fumes produce a distinctive smell of musky, earthy, and soothing. Sambrani is made up of natural components that have antibacterial properties.
Benefits & Features:
● Sambrani is always lit during our prayers and rituals and is great for puja use. Ignited sambrani in the room alleviates stress and elevates your mood. Its fresh fragrance gives focus, calmness to the mind while inhaling.
● Sambrani It is also known as benzoin resin in English, loban in Hindi, and Tamil name is Sambrani. It is commonly used in the home for prayers, and you can find it in temples, offices, meditation centers, and festivals.
● To energise your home or workplace, take charcoal or coconut shell and light fire to it; once the charcoal or coconut shell becomes glowing red, take one or two spoons of Sambrani Powder and sprinkle slowly over the burning layer of charcoal or coconut shell.

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Weight(KG) 0.050000
Width (Inches) 2.5
Height (Inches) 10
Depth (Inches) 1
GNST 887209043454
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