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Satin Amman Pavadai


A beautiful Amman pavadai. Adorn your Devi idols in your puja with this elegant garment.

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This Amman pattu pavadai is mainly used during the devi alangaram. The Amman pavadai is used to dress-up Devi's in the temples or homes. This Amman vastram (garment) is considered to be the best costume for any Goddess. This dress is considered auspicious and can be given as a memento to the friends and family during any Devi rituals and functions.

Amman Pavadai is also used mostly by anyone who worships an idol/s of various Devis. Traditional Devi worshippers are called Shaktas. They follow a routine of Japa and Puja. As part of the puja vidhi (process), and after her invocation, they perform an abhishekham of the Devi, The Devi idol is adorned with a fresh amman pavadai/vastram. This is followed by mantras, tantras and archanas.

This Amman pavadai, made of satin, is an excellent addition to your Devi puja.

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