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Surya Puranam

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Surya, the Prathyaksha Devatha (the God who is visible to the human eyes) is worshipped for million of years. Worshipping Sri Surya finds mention in Vedas also. Surya puranam is one among the 18 upa-puranas. Sri Surya is worshipped in Brahma Vidya. Worshipping the sun, as we all know, is of great significance since it is the provider of not just light, but also life, being situated in the centre of the universe. This purana is said to have the story of Samba, a mischievous son of Sri Krishna, and is also known as Samba Purana. This puranam specifies creation, protection and dissolution of the Universe. Various aspects related to Pooja and niyamam are given. A book of reference covering highly interesting topics involving past, present and future.
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