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Temple Umbrella - 12 Inch


A traditional decorative umbrella hand-crafted to offer as one of the adornments for Idols of Hindu Gods and Goddesses

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In Hindu temples, adorning traditional velvet umbrellas for idols of gods and goddesses is a traditional shastra or practice. These opulent umbrellas, often vibrant in colour and hand-crafted with intricate designs, symbolise divinity and royal protection. Crafted from rich velvet cloth, they add a regal touch to the sacred space, enhancing the visual grandeur of the deities. Adorned with ornate embroidery, sequins, and auspicious symbols, these umbrellas create a majestic visual appeal during religious ceremonies. Devotees believe that these adorned umbrellas not only showcase reverence but also invoke blessings, creating a divine aura around the idol as it stands beneath the resplendent canopy.

Buy a 12" Temple Umbrella for Deities from GiriUK. 

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