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The Race

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Shiva and Parvati were playing with their two sons, Ganesha and Kartikeya/Murugan. They had been given a fruit by the gods and both the sons wanted it. The divine couple explained to the sons that this fruit had in it the nectar of Supreme Knowledge and Immortality, and since both wanted it, the one who circled the world three times and came back first would get it as a prize. Vinayaka, or Murugan as he is known to the Tamils, walked round his parents, Shiva and Parvati, three times. Kartikeya's vehicle, the peacock, flew into space, stopping at all sacred spots on the way and offering his prayers. Ganesha knew that, with his corpulent form weighing him down, his vehicle, Moonjoor the mouse, would go even slower than usual and he could never win - but his wisdom taught him a solution. He won by circumambulating his parents three times, who then married him to the daughters of Ishwaroopa: Siddhi (Achievement or Success) and Buddhi (Wisdom).
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