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Traditional Lamp (Vilakku) Wick dipper-cum-snuffer


A metallic stick that can be used to either pulling up or diffusing the wick from a Traditional Vilakku

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A diffuser-cum-snuffer or "thiri thoondi" is a device used in traditional oil lamps, particularly in Indian households. It serves a dual purpose.The Diffuser is designed to diffuse and spread the light emitted by the flame in a more gentle and ambient manner. This helps in creating a softer illumination. The same device can be used as a snuffer, meaning it can be used to extinguish the flame by covering it, preventing airflow and cutting off the oxygen supply. In essence, this is a practical and versatile metallic tool that enhances the functionality of traditional oil lamps or "Vilakkus", providing both a pleasant lighting experience and a convenient way to extinguish the flame.

Buy a metallic traditional Indian Lamp Wick dipper-cum-snuffer. 

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