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Yajurveda(Apastamba) Amavasya Tarpanam - Sanskrit-Tamil

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Amavasya Tarpanam is a naimithika karma (nominated to be performed without fail) by a son, whose father has passed away. Yajur Veda is the narrative part of Vedas where the practical aspects of following the vedic rituals are specified in hymns. It has many srauta, grihya sutras. Amavasya Tarpanam is based on those sutras, making one to give oblations through water and sesame on Amvasya day, on the first day of Hindu calendar month, Ayana Punya Kalam and Mahalaya Paksham in September- October months. The mantras are taken from Pitru sooktham in Devanagri script and transliterated into Tamil language along with detailed step by step process, in Tamil. A guide to those who do not have the comfort of having a perceptor.

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