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Yajurveda (Apastamba)Trikala Sandhyavandanam

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Vedic Karmas are broadly classified into Nitya, Naimithya and Kamya Karmas. Sandhyavandhanam is forming part of the Nitya Karma. Sastras insist that Nitya Karmas are must for those who wish to pursue the path of knowledge for cleansing one's mind and body and orienting oneself on the Supreme, daily, through various methods and mantras prescribed during the three parts of the day - Pratha, Madhyana and Sayam Sandhis. This work, a guide brought out by GIRI follows the practice adopted by Smartha class of practioners. For those who got inunciated to the knowledge of the Supreme, this work can be an excellent guide. This book comes with illustrations for each step. Made in Devanagari and English script, this book can be gifted to the newly inunciated brahmacharis to the knowledge of Supreme. Various related karmas like brahmayagna and samhita dhanam are also given with due importance. A must one book for every student of vedic religion.

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Weight(KG) 0.110000
Width (Inches) 7
Author A.R. Parthasarathy
Publisher GIRI
ISBN 9788179502921
Binding Soft Bound
Pages 12
Language English, Sanskrit
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