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Brass Lakshmi-Kubera Lamp with 9 coins


Ideal for Karthigai, this lamp weights 54 gms with 9 coins fixed to the lamp beautifully. It can also be lit daily for prosperity through the grace of Maha Lakshmi and Kubera - the celestial treasurer.

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The Lakshmi Kubera Lamp holds profound cultural and spiritual significance in the Soth Indian Hindu tradition. It symbolises the divine union of two powerful deities—Goddess Lakshmi, the bestower of wealth and prosperity, and Lord Kubera, the guardian of wealth or celestial treasurer. This ornate oil lamp is often used during religious ceremonies, festivals, and auspicious occasions to invoke blessings for abundance and financial well-being. Lighting the lamp is believed to attract positive energy, dispel darkness, and usher in prosperity. Attached to 9 coins, seamlessly, the lamp is attractive when lit. The act of lighting the Lakshmi Kubera Lamp is considered a sacred ritual, promoting spiritual growth and invoking divine blessings into one's home and life.

Buy Brass Lakshmi-Kubera Lamp with 9 coins, for prosperity from GiriUK

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Weight(KG) 0.074000
Width (Inches) 8 cm
Height (Inches) 5 cm
Depth (Inches) 2 cm
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