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BS Ghungroo Salangai-Leather 3 Line

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The Salangai, also known as a Ghungroo, is worn by classical dancers of most Indian dance forms. Small metallic balls in the form of little bells are strung together in several lines that produce a sound when the dancer moves. The Salangai is worn above the ankles of both legs. It makes the sound and rhythm of the footwork heard by the audience. The bells are attached to a base made of either thick cotton or leather.


This Salangai has brass bells attached to a base made of leather. There are three lines of bells. The high quality of the brass bells produces a rich sound that will resonate with the audience. The sturdy buckles and straps ensure that this Ghunghroo stays on the dancer even in intense dance moves.


* Makes a thoughtful gift to showcase our Indian heritage
* Easy to clean and maintain
* Does not wear off very soon - can be used for a long time
* The dimensions are mentioned in the additional information section

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