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Copper Ganesha Yantra 4" x 4"


A 2 dimensional geometric design invoking Lord Ganesha's blessings mainly for wisdom, succcess and removal of obstacles.

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The Ganesha Yantra is a powerful 2-dimensional geometric symbol in Hinduism, representing Lord Ganesha. This intricate yantra is designed to invoke divine energies, promoting success, wisdom, and the removal of hurdles. Devotees believe that meditating upon or worshiping this yantra can bring clarity, good fortune, and auspicious beginnings. The geometric patterns within the yantra hold spiritual significance, aligning practitioners with the cosmic energies associated with Ganesha. It serves as a focal point for prayers and rituals, fostering a connection with the divine and symbolising the journey toward personal and spiritual growth.

Buy Copper Ganesha Yantra 4" x 4" from Giri UK. 

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