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Copper Spoon (Uddharani)


Typically used with a panchapatram for Brahmins to perform daily spiritual duties.

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The Uddharani, or spoon, is a sacred utensil integral to Hindu rituals. Used during the daily duties known as "Sandhyavandanam," this ritual involves prayers and offerings performed during sunrise, noon and sunset. The Uddharani is employed to pour water on the right hand palm from the special cup or 'panchapatram' to appease the navagrahas and govinda during purification rituals, symbolising the cleansing of the mind, body -before invoking Gayatri devi. Crafted often from metals like copper, the spoon holds spiritual significance, enhancing the ritual's sanctity. Purchase separately instead of the whole set, if you have a cup already. Can also be used to offer water or milk "Tirtham" after any puja or abhishekam of deities.

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