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GiriUK Shraddham Set


All the basic essentials required to perform annual shraddham rituals, in one box.

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Shraddham is an important ritual performed to pay homage to deceased ancestors and parents (if unfortunately so) and offer them spiritual nourishment. It is typically conducted on specific dates according to the Hindu lunar calendar, such as the anniversary of a family member's death. During the ceremony, offerings of food, water, black sesame seeds and other items are made to honor and seek blessings for the departed souls. These offerings mainly black sesame sees and water, are considered as a means to quench their thirst, a way to express love, gratitude, and to ensure the ancestors' peaceful transition to the afterlife in 'pitruloka'. Shraddham ceremonies play a vital role in Hindu culture, creating a sense of continuity, remembrance, and spiritual connection between the living and their ancestors.

Buy the Shraddham set from GiriUK. Giri shraddham set contains 3 dried cow dung cakes, grain husk 1pkt, firewood, pavitram and koorcham sets, pack of 10 leaf cups, 1 packet black sesame seeds.

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