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Hinduism for all

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Author : T.S. srinivasan
Language : English
Publisher : GIRI
Hinduism for all” by T.S. Srinivasan is a book that provides an overview of the Hindu religion, its philosophy, and its practices. It is a comprehensive guide for both Hindus and non-Hindus who want to understand the essence of Hinduism. The book begins by explaining the origins and history of Hinduism, tracing its evolution over thousands of years. It then delves into the core beliefs and teachings of Hinduism, including the concept of karma and reincarnation, the importance of dharma (duty), and the different paths to liberation or moksha. Srinivasan also explores the various Gods and Goddesses worshipped by Hindus, including their attributes and symbolism. He also discusses the significance of Hindu festivals, such as Diwali and Holi, and their cultural and religious significance. Overall, “Hinduism for all” is well-written in English and accessible guide to Hinduism that provides readers with a comprehensive understanding of this rich and complex religion.
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Author T.S. srinivasan
Publisher GIRI
ISBN 9788179503201
GNST 9788179503201
Binding Soft Bound
Pages 16
Language English
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