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Karadaiyan Nombu threads 10 pcs (pack of 4)


A South Indian Hindu tradition called "Nombu" where the wife ties the Nombu thread or "charadu" around her neck praying for the longevity of her husband

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Nombu Charadu is a yellow sacred thread in the South Indian Hindu tradition. The wife performs "Nombu", a ritual that involves tying a sacred yellow thread "charadu" around her neck. This act along with a fast observed by the wife, is a heartfelt prayer for his well-being and longevity. The yellow thread holds deep cultural and spiritual significance, symbolic of the wife's devotion and wishes for a prosperous and healthy life for her husband. The tradition reflects the enduring bond between spouses, emphasising the wife's role in invoking blessings for the husband's well-being. Nombu is a beautiful expression of love and spirituality within the rich tapestry of Hindu rituals and traditions.

Buy a multipack of 10 pcs x 4 sets of Yellow Karadaiyan Nombu Threads from GiriUK. 

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